Onward Into 2018, & Back to Denver We Go

& Back to Denver We Go

My my my, how does the time fly. We spent the Holidays here with our new friends as well as old, and I must say it was nothing short of spectacular!

The festivities and the joy inside of every one were undeniable. We cannot wait to come back to visit again. It is definitely bittersweet, as we now must fly swiftly back to the States to close a Real Estate deal as it is really easy these days to sell your house fast in Denver, CO!! No kidding! We put the property on the market right before we left for our 2 week tour here in Armenia, and no sooner did we land that our real estate agent in Denver, Sharon K., called with the great news; “Guys, your property just sold for full asking price with an all-cash offer from some investment firm!” Oh, what a Merry Merry Christmas it was!

So, back to reality, we go. We’ve said our goodbyes, gave our hugs and made our “promises” to be back as soon as possible. You know how it is. You want to make it back. You’re still riding the high from all the great times you just had here, and just….don’t….want…it…END. But deep down inside you never really know when or if it will ever come to fruition. That’s OK. That’s what life is all about right? Savoring the great times. Letting the bad times float away fast as if suspended in a fast rushing river. And remembering. Yes, remembering the beautiful people that made their way into and out of your life, and all the while, making it just that much better.

I tell you, we are thankful for it all. Words could never express it, and the memories and stories will burn strong for many years to come.